The Lost Art of Airbrushing

It is actually interesting to know how this word, airbrushing, made its way into everybody’s vocabulary as a metaphor. However, airbrush or airbrushing can still be considered as a lost art, especially with the advent of the printed graphics. It was very long ago that airbrushing enjoyed a very distinct connotation as a tool for commercial artists. There was also a time when airbrushing was taught at almost all levels; right from, the grade schools to colleges. With the advent of computers and graphics, the work that was hand-done once can now be scanned into the computers and be successfully reproduced. Photos, artworks, and pictures no longer required retouching by hand. Interestingly, all the illustrators who were proficient with the tool, airbrush, gradually started to embrace the computer-generated artwork and due to this the entire community/industry of commercial realm started to fade away.

Popular Uses

Nowadays you can see a use of airbrushing in such fields:

Illustration and Art: Since the outset of the technology of airbrush, illustrators and commercial artists understood that the airbrushing helps them in creating high-rendered images along with a relatively high level or standard of realism. Often the artists use airbrushing combining with the cut items or stencils that are held freehand, which helped them in blocking the paint’s flow on to the paper, in a very controlled manner. In today’s time, one can find the airbrush images in publishing, advertising, graphic novels, and comics.

Retouching of Photos: Since a very long time, airbrushing is still being used in altering photos in the pre-digital times. A skilled artist can use it to hide signs or giveaways that an image or photo has been “doctored” or retouched, extensively. It is worthwhile to note that the word “airbrushed photo” or “airbrushed” was once used in describing the glamor photos, where the imperfection of a model was removed, or in many cases, the model’s attributes were enhanced.

airbrushig for automobiles

Automotive: Airbrushing is often used in spraying graphics, murals, and designing many other artworks on cars, helmets, and motorcycles. This particular form of art has been here since the fifties, at least. Recently, it gained popularity owing to the popularity of shows such as “American Chopper” and “Rides”. The majority of the professionals like to try the different automotive grade base through the top of airbrushes fed line gravity.

Airbrushing: Present and Future

In present times, it can be safely assumed that a higher number of people will be more interested in Photoshop or other such graphic tools than the airbrushing. Airbrush’s demise was then rumored, but thankfully this didn’t transpire. Strangely, the computer was seen coming to its rescue by making one community of the like-minded people and also gave them a platform where they could communicate or interact among themselves online. As a result, different applications were witnessed expanding greatly in order to include all the techniques; right from the airbrushing makeup to the duck decoys. The computer, successfully, exposed people to the artistic images compared to other vehicles in mankind’s history. Additionally, the computer made the airbrushing equipment available in abundance as it was now possible to research, view or order just by clicking a button. Simultaneously, students or interested group of people can also be invited or registered for the workshops and seminars, manuals and instructions can be understood and read, and questions can also be answered.